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Falf 1.3 Installing
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FALF: 1.4dev
OS: Linux
Joined: 15 Jun 2010
Posts: 1
Posted: 2010-06-15, 17:11   Falf 1.3 Installing

OS: Ubuntu 10.04
Got some problems with installing, help please :)


jizzy@jizzy:~$ cd '/home/jizzy/falf-1.3'
jizzy@jizzy:~/falf-1.3$ sudo sh
[sudo] password for jizzy:
# exit
jizzy@jizzy:~/falf-1.3$ sudo sh install.sh
install.sh: 6: Syntax error: "(" unexpected
Project Leader 
Project Leader

FALF: 1.4dev
OS: Linux
Helped: 2 times
Joined: 30 Sep 2006
Posts: 74
Posted: 2010-07-08, 09:06   

It's happening probably because qmake is part of Qt4. Please notice FALF Player does NOT and will never support Qt4. It requires Qt3.
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