FALF Player
is open source audio player for Unix-like operating systems (Linux, BSD, etc.).
General idea is to keep player as simple as possible.
One the one hand it should be free of useless crap that can be found in Amarok,
on the other hand it should take the best ideas from foobar2000
and mix them with additional ideas that make work with audio player even more convenient.
I'm also focused on stability and attempt to provide users with stable solutions even in svn repository.

- multiplaylist support
- lyrics support
- m3u support
- last.fm support
- HTTP streams support (radio)
- built-in tags' editor
- built-in equalizer
- easy transfer of tracks to removable device
- customizable accelerators
- high stability
- low memory consumption

- QT3
- KDE (3.4 or 3.5)
- xine-lib
- taglib